Retrofitting raised boot floor

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Post by theguru83 » Sun Jan 30, 2022 10:29 pm

@jagman3 - fantastic to hear you managed to get it done. Interested to know if you chopped off the spikes, or did it my way? And did you make holes in the lining for the bolts, or incisions?

In regards to Audi charging a higher's literally that. If you ever need parts for an Audi...get the part number, and then buy it from the VW parts store. VW are always cheaper for the same part because Audi have a higher mark up to maintain the premiumness of the brand. My VW parts guy who I've been using for years told me that when I was ordering. I ordered my parts in Jan 2022. Yes, there was a price increase in Dec, but your Audi dealer didn't give you as much discount as they could have done.'s only a £20 difference....still cheaper than getting this factory fitted. But if you ever need parts for the car in future, it's worth going to the VW dealer or TPS to will work out cheaper. The part numbers are common across the entire VW brand.

If you're interested in a rubber boot liner (to contain spillages or if you have a dog), then there's a nice Q4 branded one available aswell. It's semi-rigid, and sits on top of this new variable floor (it will also fit at the lower level). You can pull it out in seconds, and it will still flex if you open the compartments below to get the cables. I paid £110 for it from my VW guy with next day delivery. Part number is 89A061180. It's a bit pricey, but given the Q4 is a new model, I couldn't find any aftermarket ones available at the time.



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Post by Jagman3 » Tue Feb 01, 2022 8:00 pm

Hi theguru83, I chopped the spikes off and just made incisions where the bolts were, managed to line up first time with all bolts.
Many thanks for the info on using VW dealer to order parts, will bear that in mind for the future.
You boot liner looks fantastic, I bought a cheap liner for a Q4 from 'BootLiners UK' for £26.

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