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Post by SQ8Vorsprung » Fri Sep 03, 2021 7:24 am

Good morning to all forum members!

Stumbled across this site last night and so pleased I am to see so much conversation and information sharing and so soon too. Excellent!

I ordered a fully spec'd/optioned Q4 e-tron SportsBack 50 Quattro Vorsprung for my wife on 14th July 2021 (I've added the year in case that becomes significant in the months to come :-) ) with the view at the time that we'd get a delivery date sometime in October / Early November....oh well that was before the messaging started on CPU shortages. I now see from many posts and Audi messaging that we're in for a potential delay to next year.

You know what the big shame is though that we sold my wife's previous 2 year old Macan last week, thinking that was a good move, to secure the best price ahead of the "crazy" part-ex offers from Audi and Porsche Dealer. AND...offered £5K more...YES £5k more than the Audi dealer by We Buy Any Car. I'm told they're buying up such cars at a premium and shipping out to Asia for big profit. BUT now in the position of Wifey sharing my big deal as still working from home...

We were hoping to go electric sooner with the Macan BUT that's not an option with spiralling delays too so when the Q4 came about we jumped at it. What a lovely looking car. Especially the SportBack profile. We had a nice spec'd Macan so the 50 Quattro Vorsprung model seemed the best option, certainly NOT the cheapest option, but Wifey doesn't do that many miles and we'll probably keep this one for a while. She also likes the HUD in my SQ8 and wanted that too. We have solar and battery storage at home and already have a 7.2Kw charging port so we're all good to go from the "Green EV" front. I've had a Tesla and hybrid Panamera/Cayenne previously before reverting back to Range Rover several times and disappointed each time with their failures. So far 3 returned in as many years I now have a lovely SQ8 4.0 V8 TDI Vorsprung I acquired in June this year! A little re-map and 480bhp / 1000nm torque...what a car!.. I should have moved to one a long time ago. So that's the main car if we want to go longer journeys and have more space. It has the electric towbar too for the bikes. and the EV for Wifey and all other times. Eventually I'll do the swap of the SQ8...probably for the Macan EV Turbo when it eventually arrives!

Anyhow back to the Q4......we also opted for the Storage Pack, Heat Pump and the electric Towbar as the main options...TBH the rest is there with the fully-loaded Vorsprung. Oh, we've gone for Black metallic too

Hopefully it will prove to be a great purchase and live up to the messaging...just want to know WHEN it will come now as Audi are not committing...

Great to be here on the forum. I hope you all are staying safe and families are all well.

All the best. Steve

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Post by Tom_1985 » Fri Sep 03, 2021 6:42 pm

I’m sure you will love it Steve, mine is due Dec, however I do have some bad news for you,

The Towbar option has now been withdrawn for new orders, as Audi cannot get them,

I ordered one on mine and was told the earliest I would get it with towbar option was July 22,

Without towbar option, Dec 21, now they’ve removed it totally.

May be worth checking with the dealer



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Post by SQ8Vorsprung » Sat Sep 04, 2021 2:55 pm

Thank you Tom. I'll do that. Appreciated


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