Is tech pack worth it?

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Is tech pack worth it?

Post by Orothon » Tue Jul 13, 2021 11:06 am

Hi all,

Been given the go-ahead by my boss to get a Q4 so just trying to spec it up to get a cost and undecided if the tech pack is worth it. So far as I can see, one of the main components I'd be paying for is the cockpit plus but apart from an e-tron 'design', I can't see what the plus version gives me over the standard? Is there any other difference?

Although the heads up display is nice, pretty much all our driving will be local so the sat nav is unlikely to get used much so the HUD seems as though it might not be of much use.

The USB rear chargers and dual bluetooth connections would be useful but I can't see any option to add those separately.

Hoping to get some people's thoughts :)

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Re: Is tech pack worth it?

Post by Salmonfisher » Tue Jul 13, 2021 2:46 pm

Must say I agree with you. The comfort and sound package is a must but unless you really want HUD I wouldn’t bother. My test drive had HUD and I hated for first half hour but then got used to it and saw the advantage but not enough to add pack

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Re: Is tech pack worth it?

Post by Rob » Mon Jul 19, 2021 2:23 pm

Think this is the full list:

Augmented reality head-up display
Compared to the conventional head-up display, the Augmented reality head-up display area is expanded to include a larger image and greater image separation, creating the impression that the content displayed blends with the real surroundings. This makes for an even more intuitive display of information. In addition to the customary content of the head-up display such as speed, the augmented reality head-up display projects other information and warnings relevant to the driver onto the windscreen on request. Content comes from the Navigation system as well as from optional equipment such as assist systems. The virtual image with depth appears directly in the driver’s field of view. The augmented reality display can be activated and deactivated separately. The position of the height adjustable display can be tailored to the driver.

Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus
Audi virtual cockpit plus is a fully digital instrument cluster that flexibly displays relevant information as required. The 10.25-inch display has a high resolution. Depending on the driver’s needs, this can show the vehicle speed, power utilisation, remaining range, map display, radio and media information such as track playing time or album covers, telephone including additional contact picture for incoming and outgoing calls and much more besides. The VIEW button on the multifunction steering wheel provides a quick and intuitive way for you to switch between two differently sized dial displays. In the progressive view, the display with small instruments allows the graphics of the on-board computer and MMI content to be shown clearly on a large area. In addition to the familiar instrument display in “classic” or “sport” design, the display option “e-tron” is also available

Audi Phone Box
Audi Phone Box with wireless charging - Audi Phone Box provides 2 Bluetooth connections, allowing 2 mobile phones to be connected to the vehicle simultaneously whilst improving reception quality with LTE support. Wireless charging is available by placing the phone in the universal smartphone tray (with Qi-enabled compatible phones)** or the phone can be charged via a USB port

12V socket and 2 x USB-C connections in the rear
12V socket and 2 x USB-C connections for charging devices


Got to agree with you both, the features sound nice but in reality will they be used as much and worth the £1200 price?!

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