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Post by Adahol69 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 8:51 am

So picked her up on Friday, whilst many positives to the car there are few letdowns,

Starting with the letdowns

1. Schedule charging, and App already knew about and understand it will be updated however now you a car that 50k it’s really poor for Audi to not have sorted these issues out,

2. Not sure if many people have noted this all the media road tests reviews were in launch edition which had the acoustic glazing making it quiet ride, however my Sline Q4 only has single glazing and I do find it a little noisy compared to my old car 330e , so worth noting. I would say it’s close to misleading

3. The low speed pedestrian noise is a little annoying as it enters the cabin a bit too much, you buy a electric car in part for the quietness

4. The consumption, hopefully this will improve but currently on getting 2.7-2.9 miles per KWh, which gives a range from 100-0% of 215 miles, and a motorway stint pushed this a lot lower, having the air on actually drops around 30mins of range. Are people doing better?

5. The 40 E from motor isn’t that fast, you don’t feel it’s fast out it does easily get up to speed limits without a fuss.

1. The Sonos speakers are great with the right music, first impress was they were ok but when you spend more time in the car the quality comes through

2. The peddle grey colour and sline trim look really great, worth considering saving the extra met paint cost

3. Adoptive suspension well worth option rides really well in comfort no crushing over pot holes

4. Love the square steering wheel, easy to use

5. HUD is really good, especially in the AR, however haven’t decided if it’s a techy gimmick that will get annoying or remain useful in a couple of years time

Hope this helps please let me know you thoughts

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Post by Pganders » Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:36 pm

Good to hear your initial impressions.
The issue of the acoustic glass, or lack of, is a bit if a concern. I had already queried it with Audi UK and they confirm the Launch Editions, primarily used by dealers for demonstrators, do have side window acoustic glazing but that this feature is not available as an option in UK. This is misleading to say the least.
Do you think it makes a big difference to the noise levels as I'm beginning to think it could be a deal breaker.
Alternatively wonder could it be retrofitted if the correct glass could be located?

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Post by Sportback21 » Tue May 03, 2022 7:43 pm

What I will say, is that, car with the Acoustic glazing are "incredibly quiet", almost too quiet, it is a very odd experience.

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