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Post by doughgirl » Sun Mar 27, 2022 4:47 pm

Ordered my Q4 last June. Having been given a build date (updated) of week 48 I have been given the runaround since. Being told it was awaiting shipping in Germany mid feb it would appear to be in the Uk a week ago. After chasing Nottingham Audi I still don’t have any idea of when my car will be available for collection.
As we are buying this through by the company I want to get it invoiced in March but being told he can’t invoice without chassis number.
Does this sound right? Surely they would have a list of vehicles arriving with chassis numbers. The rep at Audi Keeps fobbing me off and had told me he would give me 10 days notice once it was confirmed as in Uk. I’ve had no info without constantly chasing.
Having seen on here that some have ordered their Q4 after me and have their vehicle already.
For info we ordered a Merc Van which was at the docks in Germany at the same time and that is ready for collection and we had constant updates. Why is Audi taking so much longer. Are they just being inefficient?
It’s the lack of info that’s frustrating. Can anyone suggest what might be happening here please?

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Post by Tony » Sun Mar 27, 2022 5:00 pm

If it's in the UK already that seems a bit weird, I think our car took about a week to arrive from Germany then two to three days turnaround time for the dealer inspection.

Having been on this forum for over six months now I can tell you that Audi don't know anything about anything.

The chip delay and other economic issues have really stretched out their supply chain to the point where gaps in communication are becoming far too apparent.

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Post by doughgirl » Sun Mar 27, 2022 5:10 pm

Thanks Tony. I thought it seemed odd. Of course the delay in shipping is now being quoted as Ukraine related. Hard to know how much this is true and how this would affect the Uk based transport. I am trying to be reasonable but I’m doubting they are being honest with me.
If I was a sceptic I would think they want me to cancel as can sell it possibly for more than I have paid?
I can’t see why they can’t invoice it so I can at least get the finance in order for a quick pick up upon arrrival.

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