Which electricity tariff?

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Morning all

We take delivery of our first electric car next week.  I am a bit perplexed and confused by the different tariffs available.🤔

I don't do a huge mileage, probably around 5000 a year and the two of us are at home all day.  I was going to switch to intelligent octopus but now that the day rate is higher than the usual day rate.

Is there any way I can easily find out which tariff will benefit me?  As we are at home all day the only thing I can easily switch to overnight without be the washing machine.


Thanks in advance 😊

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We just have had our first EV and by chance we were already with OVO, they don’t do a designated off peak tariff where your whole house gets the benefit but they do an anytime EV tariff for your home charger of 7p per kWh anytime which suits us down to the ground.
It also means you can warm or chill the car down whilst still being plugged in at the cheap rate, whereas an off peak tariff which usually ends early morning you couldn’t do this on the cheap tariff if you weren’t setting off at silly o clock.
We’re not one for having timers on the dishwasher washing machine etc it’s bad enough at Christmas wrestling with them, although I do appreciate if you got a family with kids where easily your washing machine willl be on every day there is a big saving so use Octopus energy or similar as your provider, enjoy your new EV I said I would never have one yet but am thoroughly enjoying it but only two weeks in so we shall see.
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